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Katerina is a career coach for young professionals in London. Katerina studied Psychology at Bath Spa University and she did her MSc at the University of Essex. As a career coach, she is helping students and young professionals to find the right career path. Katerina is cooperating with young graduates and professionals from different nationalities and countries who would like to discover their best career path, upgrade their confidence and CV and land more interviews. Alongside that, she maintains a successful career as an Internship Expert in a not-for-profit education organization, which include activity in the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Spain and the United States and help graduates to work on their foundational and professional skills and gain insight into the UK workplace. 

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Our Reviews

Katerina knows her stuff! She helps you to build on your current skills and to set some realistic expectations for the near future and set goals for a long-term career. Katerina helped me to have a better and more realistic balance between my personal and working life since a full-time job was a completely new experience for me. She is definitely a trusted guide, and she gives you the space to take control of your decisions and career choices. Honestly, her support will help you reach the next level.

Evangelia Christoforidou

Katerina takes a whole-person approach. She helps you to explore and accept yourself taking into consideration your physical and mental health. She helps you to get clarity on your current situation before helping you set goals. As a graduate who wanted to change my career path after realizing that my degree is not related to my career preferences, with Katerina's support I have developed greater confidence and trust and I am moving forward in the career of my dreams. Could not recommend her enough!

Shaun Dean

I came to the UK to start my career in human resources. Katerina helped me to explore all the different areas and she shared some really helpful information about the UK workplace. It was such a good experience; I had the opportunity to practice my interviews and to work on my Resume with Katerina. I was feeling so supported during the process and she really helped me to go to interviews with lots of confidence! I am currently working in London, I am in my probation period, and I feel so lucky for meeting Katerina in my effort to get adjusted in the UK.

Maria Papadopoulou

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