Unemployed? How to Keep Your Brain Active During Your Job Search?

You have finished your degree; you have plenty of free time, however, the job search process seems long and hard and this might affect less or more your motivation and your brain health.

Your mind and body can be sending you signals that job loss is impacting you more than you consciously know. And that is quite common!

Our brain health is strongly related to our cognitive ability – how we perceive the world and act within it.

Especially for graduates who have little or no experience in the world of work, focusing on your cognitive abilities is a must as they will highlight those skills that are vitally important for getting on in life. So, it’s worth taking a moment to decipher what cognitive health is and how it can help in that initial stage of your job search.

Good cognitive health is important for working memory, it helps reduce social isolation and independence and the risk of other health conditions later in life. There is evidence to suggest that exercising your brain can be a good way to fight back against these conditions.

But what exactly does it mean to train your brain?Here are some tips for you to make sure you keep your cognitive health on top and that you train your brain well while looking for a job!

Try mastering an activity!

Puzzles: Completing puzzles challenges the brain, as they force you to solve problems, perceive patterns, and complete complex sequences.

Sudoku, Word games, and crossword make use of memory and strategic skills However, if you feel like you can do the crossword puzzle in your sleep, it’s time for you to move on to a new challenge

Unemployed? How to Keep Your Brain Active During Your Job Search?

Do meditation!

Meditation is an incredible brain technique that has been shown to improve specific cognitive functions such as attention and help individuals identify and manage their own emotions to achieve a good performance.

Get out of your pajamas!

Believe me, it is as simple as that! Wearing pajamas all day long and not sticking with our usual clothes could cause a disruption in our internal biological clock, and lead to sleeping issues and low energy. Make sure to put on your clothes and plan your job-hunting schedule while keeping all of these priorities and responsibilities in balance.

Keep your energy up!

Reading a cognitive psychology book and planning a weekend getaway are some small changes that will help you create new experiences that build those all-important connections between the neurons in our brains. Increasing your curiosity about the world around you will keep your brain working fast and efficiently.

Be reliable (to yourself)!

And start by asking yourself if a commitment to your schedule is of high priority.  Being reliable to yourself is such a rewarding effort.  People who can be trusted to follow through on the little things are the people we trust with the bigger things,

Have a good one:)

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